Live Line


Rokstad Power is a leading provider of live line and barehand services. We have developed a unique in-house training and certification program, and our employees have completed safe, reliable live line work for a wide range of clients in the power line industry.

Rokstad Power’s live-line group includes certified journeymen who perform the full range of specialized live-line and barehand procedures, including:

  • Live line procedures 12 kV to 500 kV
  • Live line rubber glove work up to 25 kV
  • Live line barehand work to 500 kV
  • Helicopter hoist procedure – energized and de-energized
  • Live line stick testing and certification

The use of live line and barehand methods result in a number of significant benefits to service providers and their customers. Fewer outages required for maintenance mean that utilities do not lose revenue while their customers retain uninterrupted services. In some situations, scheduled power outages are not possible for critical feeds, and so maintenance must be conducted in an energized environment. Advanced access methodology for locations that are difficult to reach results in efficiencies in the form of quicker repair times and cost savings.

Rokstad Power’s team of certified journeymen are highly experienced in live line and barehand methods, and collectively they have conducted thousands of hours of accident free work.