Environmental Practices

Rokstad Power aims to provide the highest quality of products and services based on customer needs, while considering environmental, social and cultural impacts. We recognize our role in protecting the environment and we work with our customers and key stakeholders to mitigate impacts, wherever possible. As a company we are committed to meeting client, regulatory, and other environmental requirements. As such, environmental management is integrated into our policies and processes and we strive for continuous improvement in environmental performance.

Rokstad Power has Qualified Environmental Professionals on staff to assist in the advancement of our performance and management system. Our environmental team ensures that Rokstad Power has a clear understanding of the environmental risks associated with our work, and that our crews employ appropriate protective measures when working in highly sensitive areas. In addition, external third party experts may also be engaged as needed for specialized skills.

We are proud to work in an industry based upon renewable energy, making cleaner energy options available to all.


HSE Policy

Rokstad Power is committed to the health and safety of all employees, contractors, clients, and the public. The ultimate goal of our HSE policy and program is to have an incident free work environment and to ensure accidental loss does not occur.