Rokstad Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) Policy

Rokstad Power is committed to the health and safety of all employees, contractors, clients, and the public. The ultimate goal of our HSE policy and program, is to reduce the risk of injury, ill-health, accidental loss and environmental harm to an acceptable level. This policy acknowledges that every worker has the right to a safe and healthy work environment.

Rokstad is committed to involving workers through their representatives and Joint Health and Safety Committee to promote a healthy and safe work environment. Rokstad and its leadership team agrees to work in a spirit of cooperation and consultation with all employees so that continuous improvement in performance can be maintained. This policy will be used as a framework for setting objectives and will be communicated internally and shared with other interested parties. All employees, agents, representatives and subcontractors of Rokstad are responsible for ensuring the HSE program is followed. Employees at every level are responsible for safety and are accountable for themselves and others around them. Each individual with our organization shall take responsibility for upholding Rokstad’s commitment to HSE and:

  Treat safety in the workplace and care of the environment a primary responsibility;

  Meet or exceed applicable legal and regulatory requirements, industry standards, customer safety practices and other requirements;

  Remain sensitive to the concerns of the public, our customers and clients;

  Take an active approach to identifying risks to health, safety and the environment and take appropriate action to reduce these risks to an acceptable level;

  Provide sufficient resources to ensure workers are informed of their rights and responsibilities and are sufficiently trained in HSE practices and procedures to carry them out;

  Maintain accreditation in externally recognized occupational health, safety and environmental management standards.

All levels of management are accountable for providing leadership, visible commitment, direction and resources to meet our health, safety and environmental goals.

All workers are responsible for adhering to all HSE rules, following regulations, procedures and practices, wearing and using personal protective equipment when required, participating in training programs and informing supervisors of any unsafe work conditions or practices.

Aaron Rokstad
Chief Executive Officer
Rokstad Power