This spring, employees at Rokstad Power will take the Clean Air Challenge by following a simple but powerful message: Turn Ignition Off.

The facts speak for themselves. When it comes to driving, cars, especially diesel vehicles, create significant air pollution in many communities. While it can be difficult to regulate the use of cars and trucks for travel, a growing number of health advocates and local governments are focusing on what they can control – idling vehicles.

What some people don’t know, is their idling vehicles emit higher concentrations of particulates when idling than when moving, which is why all levels of government have developed anti-idling bylaws.

By reducing vehicle idle times and considering the environment in other ways, Rokstad Power will decrease its carbon footprint, and fulfill environmental commitments.

Rokstad Power invites all partners, clients and residents alike to support the Clean Air Challenge to protect our community and our world. Just #TurnIgnitionOff and ask those around you to do the same.