September 21st – Employees from power line construction and maintenance company Rokstad Power will make a positive difference during Sustainability Week happening September 26 to 30 by volunteering at God’s Little Acre farm.

Volunteers will act as farm assistants and pick food, set up a market, water plants, move dirt and more.

God’s Little Acre is a local farm located at 16583 - 40th Avenue in Surrey, British Columbia. The farm has committed to growing pesticide-free local produce with a goal of attaining enough of a profit to donate local fresh produce to those in need.

The farm aims to donate 70% of their yearly crop to families, groups, and organizations in need of assistance. On average, 70,000 pounds of food is donated annually and since the farm’s opening in 2011, the farm has donated over 510,000 pounds of food!

Rokstad Power invites its industry peers, clients and partners to act sustainable. Just #do1smallthing like recycle plastic bags, carpool or shop local. Reasons to shop local:

  1. Reduce your carbon footprint by shopping in your community.
  2. Support the future of farming – ensures local produce can be grown and raised year after year
  3. Promote biodiversity; if you purchase it, they will continue to grow it for us
  4. Empower consumers to shop locally and ask questions. Participate in local growing programs!
  5. It tastes better! Fruits and veggies taste better because they are in season, were harvested fresh, and did not have to be artificially ripened.