Employees from Rokstad Power hit the path to better health on May 25. They joined a 300,000-strong legion of workers worldwide and will walk, cycle, swim, skip or even salsa their way through the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC), a global employee health and performance program.

Aaron Rokstad, Chief Executive Officer from Rokstad Power, said that they are excited to participate in the program proven to enrich employee health and wellbeing.

“Many of our employees, like so many Canadians, spend an unhealthy amount of time seated - at their desks and in their cars travelling to and from work. We want to empower our employees to shake up their sedentary lifestyles and incorporate some beneficial physical activity into their daily lives. GCC provides an effective and enjoyable way to achieve this.”

Over 100 days, Rokstad Power employees will team up and work together to boost their daily physical activity levels, both in the workplace and at home. Adopting more health-conscious lifestyle habits, Rokstad Power employees will strive to meet the equivalent of World Health Organization’s (WHO) active lifestyle recommendation of 10,000 steps per day.  As well as making improvements to their overall physical health and emotional wellbeing, employees’ daily steps will also take them around the world on a virtual travel adventure designed to keep spirits and commitment high.

Increasingly desk-based roles plus modern conveniences mean today’s typical employee takes just 3,000 steps per day, a far cry from the WHO recommendation. With inactivity linked to a host of chronic - and increasingly common - health conditions including obesity, type II diabetes, heart disease, stroke, some cancers and depression, this shortfall presents a serious personal health threat to employees. It also presents their employers a valuable opportunity for positive change, one that Rokstad Power has firmly grasped.

“Investing in the long term wellbeing of our employees is an important step towards a happy and healthy workforce. We want our employees to feel good and to perform at their best, both in the workplace and out,” said Rokstad.

Besides helping to improve the health of its own employees, Rokstad Power will also have the opportunity to support improved health for the greater global community through GCC’s partnership with UNICEF. GCC’s partnership with UNICEF is integrated in the GCC 100 Day Journey, where participants visit and learn more about dedicated ‘Make a Difference’ locations and then voluntarily donate to help these communities.

“At Rokstad Power, we like to give back to the community where we can. It’s something that our employees really feel good about. The GCC’s partnership with UNICEF provides us the opportunity to make a positive and meaningful difference to struggling communities, to help them access something that most of us are fortunate enough to take for granted – clean water,” said Rokstad.

Rokstad Power will join 1,100 organizations globally in the GCC 2016, and in stepping up for the health and happiness of both employees and the greater global community alike.

“We’re looking forward to stepping up to the plate and showing the world – and ourselves – just what Rokstad Power can do,” added Rokstad.